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Welcome! This website was created on 02 May 2003 and last updated on 14 Apr 2017.

There are 115413 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the death of Mary, -- in 0116. The most recent event is the death of Killer, Charlie, (Army) in 2017.The webmaster of this site is Alice. Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.

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About Alice's Corner/Hendricks, Woodall, Post, Steeley, Huitt, Dye, Preston, Worrell, Berry, & Kin
***PLEASE do not take the work at this website as the literal or factual truth about family lines-- most of it was taken from the internet, without doing further research!!!!

**Note:  This website is intertwined with my other website at: "Cherokee Chiefs and Other Important Cherokee 
People and Their Kin".

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**NOTE MOST OF THE CHEROKEE INFORMATION COMES FROM:  "Cherokee Lineages" by James (Jim) R. Hicks.   I am 1/32 Cherokee.


**My Cherokee Lineage begins with SUSANNAH [SOE-KIN-NEE/Sokinny] Unknown, an orphan, full-blooded  Cherokee Indian from Long Swamp, Hightower Dist., GA, the Cherokee Nation East, who married WILLIAM  H. HENDRICKS, SR; they migrated with their family in 1832 after GOLD was discovered in GA and moved  to Indian Territory (OK).  Both are buried at the HENDRICKS CEMETERY at WOODALL (sw of Tahlequah)  Cherokee Co., OK. **Hightower (Etowah or I'tawa') was the name of one or more Cherokee settlements:  one, which existed until the Removal in 1838, was upon Etowah River, about the present Hightower,  in Forsyth Co., GA.


SPECIAL MENTION & SOURCES:  O'Beirne, "Indian Territory;" and "Cherokee Lineages" by James R.  Hicks; and "The History of the Cherokee Indians" by Emmet Starr; and wadeprater.com  for the  listing of my lineages of HENDRICKS, WOODALL, & POST; PATTY JEAN VANZANT & JILL DELENE SCHNEIDER  (my cousins), and SCOTT HENDRICKS [website:sio.midco.net/lysco/hendricks]--HENDRICKS LINE; SHIRLEY  COTTINGHAM SPENCER (my sweet cousin)-Huitt-Cottingham-Spencer lines; DEBORAH SWEET, & WILLIAM G.  HUITT--HUITT LINE; KEVIN HEWITT--JAMES RUSSELL HEWITT FAMILY; JANE MOORE TEEHEE SINGLETARY--POST- TEEHEE LINE; HOLLY HOFMANN--STEELEY-POINDEXTER LINE; R. L. GUFFIN--POST LINE; BART H. DYE--DYE  LINE,& MARCIA J. MONDIER PERGUIDI--DYE/MILLS LINE; MARILYN REESE--MCLAIN-REESE LINES; MARILYN GRAY-- PRESTON LINE; LORRAINE WATTS--MACKEY LINE; PAUL RIDENOUR-RIDGE/WATIE/BOUDINOT & POLSON LINES; and  many, many others that I do not have the space to list.  THANKS!!!


 1.  The earth is our Mother; care for her.
 2.  Honor all your relations.
 3.  Open your Heart and Soul to the Great Spirit.
 4.  All Life is Sacred; treat all beings with respect.
 5.  Take from the Earth what is needed and nothing more.
 6.  Do what needs to be done for the Good of All.
 7.  Give constant Thanks to the Great Spirit for each new day. 8.  Speak the Truth; but only of the Good in others.
 9.  Follow the rhythms of Nature; rise and retire with the sun. 10. Enjoy life's journey, but leave no tracks.

 One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.  He  said: "My son, the battle is between 2 wolves inside us all.  ONE IS EVIL--it is anger, envy,  jealously, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies,  false pride, superiority, and ego.  THE OTHER IS GOOD--It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity,  humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generousity, truth, compassion, and faith."  The  grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"  The old  Cherokee simply  replied: "The one you feed."


**Note:  The name HENDRICKS came from HENDRICK HENDRICKSON (HENDRIXSON) of Holland, The  Netherlands; it was changed by the sons of ALBERTUS HENDRICKSON (HENDRICKS/HENDRIXSON) to  HENDRICKS & HENDRIX (both used interchangeably).  The HENDRICKS LINES are long and varied as many  of the named sons with like names.
 [Also, the Post ancestry can not be verified past Samuel and Alley Bell Post but Samuel was NOT  the son of Joseph Post that most researchers declare.  The Joseph Post ancestry is FAKE:  "From NEHG Register, Volume 147, January 1993, page 61 and 62, A number of fantastic pedigrees  have been constructed for Stephen Post based on material in "The Post Family" by Marie Caroline De  Trobriand Post (Mrs. Charles Alfred Post) (New York, 1905), concerning the supposed origins of  Richard Post of Long Island.  Researchers should note that the material on this Richard Post in  England is largely a fabrication.  The late Donald E. Poste addressed this issue several times and  Don and I would like to quote from a manuscript he wrote on the English origins of Stephen Post  (of Connecticut):   I have discussed in the past with individual correspondents and many years ago  in the columns of the "Boston Transcript" the ancestry of Richard Post of Long Island as forged by  H. G. Somerby.  It is on the surface an utter hoax, perpetuated upon a presumably rich American,  similar to the Sears and the Belden ancestry also forged by this gentleman, although far less  artful.  It consists of altered documents, vital statistics which are non-existent, and the  stringing together of totally unrelated people, with generations in excess of 100 years.  It must  be noted, however, that nowhere does Mr. Somerby profess to give the ancestry of Stephen Post of  Saybrook.  This is an assumption made by careless American genealogists.  Nor can Mr. Somerby be  blamed for the fact that as soon as it became reasonably evident that Stephen Post's father was  Abraham Post of Hollingbourne, Kent, more American genealogists immediately stated, with no proof  whatever, that this Abraham was identical with an Abraham Van der Poest baptized in the Dutch  Church of Austin Friars, London, to one Pauwel Van der Poest.  The reliance upon Mr. Somerby's fake pedigree is clear, in the clinging to the name Panwell instead of Pauwel."] (Source: Michelle  Akin] 
 **The name POST was originally VAN DER POEST, POSTE, AND POST; this line has not been proven  beyond: SAMUEL POST who married ALLEY BELL. [THE INFORMATION BEYOND THEM CAME FROM THE INTERNET.]   **The name Dawes is also Daws, Daus, Dauze, and Dause.
 **Poindexter is also spelled Poingdexter, Poingdestre etc.


 CREEKS: Chief William H. McINTOSH JR. and family, which includes famous artist ACEE BLUE EAGLE  (Alexander C. McIntosh); and Artuami Ccache (Sachpa) Armstrong (McIntosh), the adopted son of  Chief William H. McIntosh, whose descendants include the Tiger Family of Artists:  Jerome, Johnny  Tiger Jr., and Dana Tiger; and Alexander Lawrence Posey (poet, journalist, humorist) and his  cousin William "Thomas" Gilcrease (founder of the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, OK);


COMANCHE: Quanah Parker


**Cherokee Chief Dennis Wolfe Bushyhead married Eloise Perry Butler (a descendant from the Perry  Line); OTHERS FROM THE PERRY LINEAGES:  *William Jennings Bryan, *Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt,  *Commmodores Oliver Hazard Perry and Matthew Calbraith Perry, *Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the *Wright  Bros.: Orville and Wilbur; *Lizzie Borden, *Marilyn Monroe, *Poet Edgar Lee Master, and *Major  Gen. Nathanel Greene.
 **The mother of Commodore Oliver Hazard, Sarah Wallace Alexander is a descendant of Sir  William "Braveheart" Wallace, whose ancestry is included at this site.  Other Wallaces descendants  of "Braveheart":  Lew Wallace (Gen. & author of "Ben-Hur); David Wallace (Gov. of IN);  William "Bigfoot" Wallace (famous TX Ranger).


Famous Cherokee Athletes:  Alex A. "Sonny" Sixkiller (Football); Sam (Samuel Jacob) Bradford--OK  Univ. Quarterback, Heisman Trophy Winner;


FAMOUS CHEROKEES: CHIEFS: John Ross, William Potter Ross, John Rogers Jr, William Rogers, John  Bowles Sr., **Dennis Wolfe Bushyead, Bloody Fellow, Doublehead, Hanging Maw, Nettle Carrier, Old  Tassel, Standing Turkey, Attakullakulla, Moytoy I & II, Old Hop, Oconostota, Dragging Canoe,  Blackfox,

OTHER CHEROKEES (all finished): REV. JESSE BUSHYHEAD, MAJOR RIDGE, JOHN RIDGE, JOHN ROLLIN RIDGE,  ELIAS BOUDINOT, BRIG. GEN. STAND WATIE, JOHN M. ADAIR (Rough Rider), SEQUOYAH (Guess); John N.  REESE Jr. (WWII), Diana "Tahihina" ROGERS, John Hellfire ROGERS, WILL ROGERS (famous humorist),  Houston B. TEEHEE, NANCY WARD (Beloved Woman of the Cherokees); Abraham WOODALL (Judge of the  Canadian Dist., (Cemetery in Warner name after him) who married Bell & Sam Starr, Willam H.  HENDRICKS Jr. (Senator of the Tahlequah Dist., Cherokee Nation), Margaret "Peggy" HENDRICKS who  married Andrew WOODALL [WOODALL SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY named for them.]  Billy Bob Walkabout (my  cousin) Most Decorated Vietnam Veteran.


CHEROKEE ARTISTS (finished): Talmadge DAVIS; Billy DOWNING; Cecil Roy Dick Sr.; Joe A. Rector Sr.


FAMOUS POST KIN (all finished): Charles W. (C.W.) Post (Post Cereals, Emily Price Post  (Etiquette), Wiley Post (famous aviator), and Stephen Post (co-founder of Hartford, CT). OTHER FAMOUS POSTS (all finished):  Melville Davisson Post (mystery writer); Isaac Post and wife  Amy Kirby Post and daughter Mary Post Hallowell, and Amy's sister Sarah Kirby Hallowell Willis  (all 4 with the anti-slavery movement and women's sufferage movement); Wally Post (baseball). FAMOUS POST POLITICIANS (all finished):  Phillip Sidney Post (US Rep/IL); Jotham Post Jr. (US  Rep./NY).

FAMOUS HENDRICKS POLITICIANS (all finished): Abraham (Abram) (1805-78); Abram W. (1822-87); James  B. (1840-1919); John (1791-1866); Scott (1878-1960); Thomas (1773-1835); THOMAS ANDREWS POST, VP  of the US; William (1782-1850); William Jr. (1809-50); and William Chalmers (1825-92).  [My  Ancestors]

FAMOUS POINDEXTER POLITICIANS: George (Gov. of MS); Joseph Boyd Poindexter (Gov. of HI);


[*Indicates that the Lineage is finished.]
 ***MY KIN PRESIDENTS: *Harry S. Truman; also Post>Rudd>Wood>Fillmore=*Millard Fillmore (13th  President); BARACK OBAMA JR. (through the Goodnight Line); *John Adams, 2nd President of the USA,  Signer of the Declaration of Independence is my 10th cousin 7 times removed; George W. Bush 43rd  President Of the United States is my 12th cousin twice removed; Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of  the USA is my 14th cousin four times removed; Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the USA is my 13th  cousin five times removed; James Monroe, 5th President of the USA is my 12th cousin five times  removed;

**MY HUSBAND'S KIN PRESIDENT: *George Washington: Preston>Worrell>Berry>Washington.

MY FAMOUS CONNECTIONS:  Hendricks>Woodall>Terrell>Adair>Rogers>Houston;  Huitt>Dye>GOODNIGHT>TRUMAN, CHARLES GOODNIGHT, VERYL GOODNIGHT (sculptor); and BARACK OBAMA JR.;  Pres. Harry S. Truman; Wiley POST (aviator) my ancestor; Huitt/Sullivant  (Sullivan)/Claiborne/William CLAIBORNE of VA Colony; John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the USA is  my 15th cousin four times removed; Elizabeth I of England is my third cousin 12 times removed);  Alan G. Poindexter (Astronaut) Capt. USN;  Billy Bob Walkabout Most decorated Vietnam Veteran (my  cousin);

MY HUSBAND'S FAMOUS CONNECTIONS:  Preston>Worrell>Berry>Washington>Custis>Lee/Taylor>Davis; also  his step-father Theodore (Ted) Starr: Worrell>Starr>Younger>Dalton>James>Boone>Lincoln; and kin  through the Preston>Goodman>Mackey>Mosby Line to Col. John Singleton Mosby "The Gray Ghost" CSA,  Civil War.

**Both my husband and I are related by marriage to *Meriwether Lewis & William Clark of the Lewis  & Clark Expedition; I am related through marriage by my Poindexter Line who married into the  Meriwether Line [William J. Poindexter b. 19 Jan 1772 married Judith Thompson b. 1779 who was the  daughter of Waddy Thompson and Mary Lewis; my husband is related through his Berry Line>Washington  Line>Warner Line.


OTHER PRESIDENTS KIN TO GEORGE WASHINGTON:   [For more information on the Presidents' CHILDREN, go  to: http://www.presidentschildren.com/list.html] 
 *Thomas Jefferson, *James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, *William H. Harrison, *Zachary  Taylor, *Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, *Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford Hayes,  James Garfield, Grover Cleveland, *Benjamin Harrison, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Calvin  Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, *Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr., *George  Bush, and *George W. Bush.

OTHER PRESIDENTS: *Abraham Lincoln; *Thomas "Woodrow" Wilson; *William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton;  Lyndon Baines Johnson; BARACK OBAMA (my distant cousin through the Goodnight Line). VICE PRESIDENTS: *Charles Gates Dawes; Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney;

FIRST LADIES: *Martha Custiss Washington, *Dolley Madison; *Hillary Rodham Clinton; *Michelle L.  Robinson Obama;

POLITICIANS:  *Patrick Henry; *John W. Williams, US Sen TN (1815-1823); *Hugh White Lawson, US Sen  TN (1825-35, 1835-37, 1837-40); *John Sevier (1st Gov of TN); *Alice Mary Robertson (US Rep of  OK); Sen. John Edwards of NC; Sen. John Warwick Daniel, VA; **Barack Obama, US Sen. IL (my kin);  Sen. John Glenn (Astronaut);


CONFEDERATE STATES:  *Jefferson Davis, *Robert E. Lee; *Col. John Singleton Mosby "The Gray  Ghost; "Nathan Bedford Forrest “Wizard of the Saddle,”


PIONEERS (all finished): Daniel BOONE; Jesse CHISHOLM, Amelia EARHART, Charles GOODNIGHT (my kin),  Sam HOUSTON, Gen James WHITE (founder of Knoxville, TN), and William H. HENDRICKS and wife  Susannah (Sokinny) Unkn, early settlers of the WOODALL area in the Cherokee Nation, IT (OK) and  HENDRICKS CEMETERY in Woodall, OK (sw of Tahlequah, OK) named for them; Rev. Samuel Austin  WORCESTER (missionary with the Cherokee Indians); Meriwether LEWIS, William CLARK, SACAJAWEA of  the Lewis &Clark Expedition; Brig. Gen. Joseph L. MARTIN (worked with the Cherokee Indians);  William DAWES Jr. (rode with Paul Revere); Johnny "Appleseed" CHAPMAN; William "Buffalo Bill"  CODY; William CLAIBORNE (Surveyor, Sec. of VA)(my ancestor); John Howard PAYNE ("Home, Sweet  Home"); Richard Jordan GATLING (gatling gun); Simon Girty (frontiersman & renegade);


Alamo Defender: Andrew Jackson KENT.


EXPLORERS: Henry Hudson, Explorer of NE US and Canada (Hudson Bay, Hudson River).


*"MAYFLOWER" Passengers:  Myles STANDISH; William MULLINS, his wife Alice, son Joseph, and  daughter Priscilla who married John ALDEN (who was the cooper for the "Mayflower"); Henry SAMSON;  George SOULE; Richard WARREN; John HOWLAND & wife Elizabeth TILLEY; Isaac ALLERTON. Famous People kin to the Mayflower passengers: Lineages all finished 1. Pres. John Quincy Adams kin to John Alden
 2. Pres. Zachary Taylor kin to William Brewster and Isaac Allerton 3. Pres. Ulysses S. Grant kint to Richard Warren
 4. Pres. James A. Gafield kin to Francis Billington, John Billington 5. Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt kint to Richard Warren, Mary Allerton, Isaac Allerton, Degory  Priest, John Cooke, Francis Cooke, John  Howland
 6. Pres. George W. Bush an son kin to Francis Cooke, John Howland, Henry Samson 7. Astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr. kin to Richard Warren
 8. Marilyn Monroe kin to John Alden
 9. Orson Wells kin to John Alden
 10. Noah Wesbster kin to William Bradford
 11. Clint Eastwood kin to William Bradford
 12. Alexander "Alec" Baldwin kin to John Howland
 13. Humphrey Bogart kin to John Howland
 14. Dick Van Dye and brother Jerry kin to Peter Browne, Francis Cooke, John  Soule, George Soule,  Myles Standish, John Alden
 15. Christopher Lloyd king to John Howland
 16. Richard Gere kin to Samuel Fuller, Samuel Eaton, Fran cis Eaton, Francis Cooke, John Soule,  George Soule, Degory Priest, Richard Warren, 
 17. Christopher Reeve kin to William Bradford
 18. Sarah Palin kin to John Howland, Richard Warren, Stephen Hopkins, William Brewster 19. George Eastman kin to William Bradford
 20. George McClellan kin to William Bradford
 21. Bing Crosby kin to William Brewster 
 22. VP Dan Quayle kin to Myles Standish, John Alden
 23. Hugh Heffner kin to William Bradford
 24. Deborah Sampson kin to William Bradford, Myles Standish
 25. Anna Mary Robertson "Grandma Moses kin to Francis Cooke 26. Ralph Waldo Emerson kin to Elizabeth Tilley
 27. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow kin to John Alden
 28. William Cullen Bryant kin to John Alden
 29. Cokie Roberts kin to William Brewster
 30. Dr. Benjamin Spock kin to John Howland


ROYALTY: Mrs. Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson married Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor; Sir Winston  Churchill;

 MOVIE STARS and ENTERTAINERS (all finished):  Glenn Close, Cary Grant (Archibald Leach), Clu  (William Martin) Gulager, Dina Merrill (Nedinia Hutton), Cliff Robertson, and Brooke (Christa)  Shields; Descendants of Daniel Boone:  Charles Eugene Patrick "Pat" Boone, daughter  Deborah "Debbie" Boone Ferrer and daughter Gabi Ferrer, and Jessica Corbin (granddaughter);  Richard Boone, and Randy (Clyde Randall Boone); Pat Boone's wife Shirley Foley and father "Red"  Foley; Clooneys: Betty, Rosemary, and George; Ferrers: Jose and sons: Miguel and Rafel; Robert  Duvall; Marilyn Monroe; Lee Wiley (Jazz Singer); William Bradley Pitt; Tom Hanks; Mary Martin &  son Larry Hagman;


OTHER FAMOUS PEOPLE (all finished):  Barbara WOOLWORTH HUTTON, Edward (E.F.) HUTTON, Norman  ROCKWELL, F. W. WOOLWORTH, Eberhard ANHEUSER & Adolphus BUSCH (Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co.); Henry  Wadsworth LONGFELLOW;  POCAHANTAS & husband John ROLFE;


FAMOUS SPORTS FIGURES (all finished):  Andrew AGASSI and wife Stephanie (Steffi) GRAFF; (Lonnie) WARNEKE (baseball);


0UTLAWS (all finished):  CHANEY: Alfred (Alf), Frank, and Matthew; DALTON: Bill (William), Bob  (Robert), Frank (Franklin), Emmet, and Gratton; HITE: Clarence, Wood (Robert); JAMES: Frank &  Jesse; RINGO, Johnny; STARR: Belle & Sam, Tom, and Henry; YOUNGER: Jim (James), John, Bob  (Robert), and Cole (Thomas); FLOYD, "Pretty Boy" (Charles); COOK: Bill (William Tuttle) and Jim  (James) [my kin]; FRENCH, James "Jim" Kell Sr.; HILDEBRAND, Samuel "Sam;" MILLER, Mose; MURRELL,  John Andrews; GOLDSBY, Crawford "Cherokee Bill;" Crittenden, Richard (Dick) and his brother Zeke;

LAWMEN & LAWWOMEN (all finished):  POST, Tatnall Holt, Sheriff IL Dist., CN, IT 1849-51 (my kin);  FOSSETT, W. D. "Bill" & daughter Mary Frances "Mamie" Fossett Miller; BALLARD, WILLIAM "BILL"  Deputy Marshal; BENGE, George Washington, Deputy Sheriff of IL Dist., CN, IT (1873-75); COCHRAN,  Jesse Jr. (Sheriff); REED, James Edwin "Eddie/Ed" US Marshall (son of Belle Starr);  Sheriff Jesse  SUNDAY (Cherokee Nation, Marshal's Service); Samuel SIXKILLER (Deputy US Marshal); Wyatt Earp &  his brothers; Bass Reeves (Deputy US Marshall); Crittenden, Richard (Dick) and his brother Zeke;


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